Are you a retailer looking for high-quality products at wholesale prices? EroticEffect is looking for established brick-and-mortar adult stores and boutiques eager to offer unique high quality body safe sex toys to their customers. Our wholesale offerings are designed to help you meet customer demand with reliable, top-performing items from our range of handpoured bodysafe platinum silicone fantasy toys. All our toys are made in New Zealand using quality materials. 

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Wholesale catalogue

Our wholesale catalogue is a curated collection of our product range selected based on sales performance and our ability to produce them consitently in batches. All items in our wholesale catalogue are heat sealed in durable PE bags with punched header cards and GS1 compliant EAN barcodes, ready to sell in your store.


Our tiered price list is available to eligible retailers on application.

We do not require retailers to sell at a set retail price, you can purchase stock at our wholesale prices and set your own retail margins. We do obviously have prices for consumers to purchase directly on our website, but there is no requirement for retailers to sell at those prices.

Minimum order

To qualify for wholesale pricing your shipment size must be more than 5 items. We understand that some special/urgent or initial sample orders may be smaller, however orders under 5 items should be infrequent to retain access to wholesale pricing.

This minimum can be met with any combination of options from our wholesale catalogue, for instance 1 each of 5 different designs or a mix of quantities and designs.


Payment is required at the time of purchase unless prior arrangements have been made. We accept credit cards (surcharge may apply) or bank/wire transfer.

As these are handcrafted items made with quality materials we do not offer free samples nor do we supply work on a "sale or return" or "payment on sale" basis. Retailers are required to order and pay for the goods upfront before on-selling them to customers under the retailers own terms and pricing structures.

Custom or Private Label products

Interested in custom colors, unique designs, or private label products? We’re here to help! Contact us with your specific needs, and we'll collaborate with you to bring your vision to life.


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