NearClear (also known by the abbreviation NC) is a very transparent platinum cure silicone and comes in two varieties, NC Soft 00-31 and Medium 00-45. Like our standard silicones it is certified as skin safe.

Please note that NC soft (Shore 00-31) feels subjectively firmer than our normal soft firmness (Shore00-30) and this is more pronounced in larger items. The same applies to NC medium (Shore 00-45).

Because NearClear is extremely clear it can allow us to do cool thing like inclusions (shapes suspended in clear silicone). It also give colors an extra vibrancy, pop, sparkle, or extra bright glow. This material is more difficult for use to pour, requiring smaller batch sizes and longer time to remove bubbles. This extra labour, combined with a higher material cost, means items made with it may be priced higher.

Items made with Near Clear may have small bubbles on the bottom but these will not affect their use and will not be marked as flops. Small imperfections like scuffs, tooling marks, surface variances, and pigment freckles may be more visible, but will not be marked as flops or discounted unless noted.

Due to its transparency NearClear may highlight any discoloration/staining from darker coloured lube or bodily fluids. It is also known to be susceptible to slight clouding or yellowing from heat (we recommend storing away from warm windows and avoiding boiling if possible). NearClear also has a lower tear strength than our standard silicone, so please take extra care around very aggressive uses and sharp edges.

Storing NearClear items on a textured surface or at the bottom of a container may cause imprints, folds, or bends. Please also handle with care as nail marks will be more noticeable.