Work With Us!

Work with us!

Everyone wants a free toy right? We have two paths for you to achieve this:

  • Store credit for video views
  • Join our affiliate program and earn commissions (criteria apply, see below)

Store credit for video views

We will provide a voucher with store credit equivalent to the purchase price (excluding shipping, T&C below) of the toy used in the video if you follow the steps below:

  • Post a 2+ minute video using a toy from EroticEffect. The term "using" is open to your interpretation, so long as the toy forms an important part of the video. Sexual activities are not implied or required, however you must meet the acceptable content guidelines in the section below for both the video and your web presence.
  • The video must receive more than 5,000 views on any one of the following platforms:
    • Contact us if you would like to use a different platform. If you want to use a paywalled platform we will need some way to verify the video and view numbers. We may set different view number requirements for alternative platforms.
  • Video must be original.
  • No stream-captured videos.
  • Must include "EroticEffect" and the model name of the toy in the video title.
  • Email us a link to the video and your four digit order number when the video is posted.
  • Email us again with the link to the video and your four digit order number once the video has exceeded 5,000 views. Only one voucher will be given per video, voucher will be locked to the email address for the original order, voucher will expire after 60 days. Maximum voucher value $200 NZD per video.

Acceptable content

We do not accept applications from accounts posting content that is:

  • abusive
  • racist
  • homophobic
  • transphobic
  • anti-sex work
  • etc

Creators found to be posting or sharing any of the views above will be removed from our rewards programs immediately, notified of their removal, and paid any commissions due at the time of removal. Removal for these reasons is final and based solely on our assessment and judgement.

We reserve the right to refuse the offers on this page to any person for any reason, including poor video quality or video content.

Accounts you can tag

Twitter: @eroticeffect or @eroticeffectAD (in-use/nude/sexual content will be retweeted from @eroticeffectAD, tagging @eroticeffectAD for in-use content is preferable but not required)

Instagram: @eroticeffecttoys

Reddit: u/eroticeffect

Tumblr: eroticeffect

Affiliate program

There are two ways to qualify for our affiliate program. The first is earning a free toy coupon from us (see section above) and be consistently posting on your platform. The second method is to have a minimum of 5k followers on at least one of the following platforms where you are actively posting and receiving industry norm levels of reach and interaction:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Youtube
  • Pornhub
  • Other platforms may be accepted, please contact us to ask. If you want to use a paywalled platform we will need some way to verify followers, reach, and interaction.

We recognize that having social media accounts deleted is an unfortunate reality of working in the adult industry. We're not going to remove you from our affiliate system just because you fall below 5k followers due to losing an account, as long as you are actively rebuilding and were sending traffic/sales to our website prior to deletion. Please let us know your new social media accounts so we can keep track of them.

Exceptions to account minimums

We are aware there are some edge cases where a market may exist that is not reflected by follower count or video views (particularly for reviewers with their own website, as well as in-person interactions or dynamics) and sometimes we will make exceptions to reflect this. On occasion we also make exceptions for projects that benefit sex positive or fantasy toy communities. If you believe you fall into any of these categories please contact us.

Affiliate benefits

The base rates for our affiliate program are:

  • 10% discount code and link for your followers to use.
  • 10% commission paid to you within 30-60 days.
  • 35% discount on your purchases.

If you're bringing significantly more to the table than the minimums above or you meet them but believe a different arrangement would be mutually beneficial please contact us. We're happy to discuss options, although we can't always accommodate every suggestion.

Free toys/paid reviews

There are some situations where we will provide free toys and/or payment for review, however we are a small company with a limited marketing budget. This means that we need to weigh the risks vs rewards fairly carefully and so we generally reserve this budget for people who have an established body of work and significant traction. If you believe you might fit this description please contact us, hopefully we can make something work! 

Notes for UK & EU based creators

Due to VAT rules we can only ship orders to the UK that are over £135 (including postage). All orders are shipped VAT unpaid and it is the buyers responsibility to pay any VAT or duties. This may restrict the purchase options for you or your audience.

Because of EU packaging regulations it is currently uneconomic to send our packages to some EU countries (including Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, and Sweden). We require affiliates to have a shipping address we can deliver to, which means that we cannot accept applicants with delivery addresses within these countries. We are very sorry about this situation and if it changes we will gladly accept affiliates in those countries!

Right to refuse

We reserve the right to refuse sales, service, or affiliate status to any person or company as outlined on this page and our Terms of Service.