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Aerlyn Fantasy Silicone Penetrable - Summer Lavender Colourway - Made To Order

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Soft delicate fronds embrace you, sending waves of pleasure crashing through your body. Aerlyn is the companion to Aearvon, and hails from the same aquatic realm.

Aerlyn is intended as a textured penetrable or stroker, with the pressure largely determined by you or your partners grip. This means it works well for a wide range of genitalia sizes. The textured exterior makes holding it securely easy, even with slippery fingers.

The recommended firmness is Super Soft (Shore 00-20) or Soft (Shore 00-30).

This item is made to order and may take 4-6 weeks to ship, please check the announcement banner at the top of the page in case we have additional order volume. 

Images for reference only, your order will poured after checkout. Variations may occur as silicone is a liquid medium, pigments are hand-mixed, and every pour is unique. We do not offer refunds or repours unless there is a safety or quality issue with the toy.

Note: Aerlyn has a high gloss finish. Soft and Super Soft silicones with a glossy finish can feel mildly "sticky" or "tacky" to the touch without lube, this is normal and does not affect the safety of the toy.

125mm (5 in)
Inner diameter (unstretched) ~22mm (~0.85 in)
Outer diameter ~46mm (~1.8 in)

All our toys are hand poured in New Zealand using Body Safe Platinum Silicone. These are handmade items and each pour is unique.

Note: Use only with waterbased lubes. Silicone-based lubes may damage you toy.