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Dragon's Breath Fantasy Silicone Butt Plug - Medium - Firm - 201

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Fire in the hole! Dragon's Breath is our T-bar style butt plug made from platinum silicone, with a lovely smooth matte finish designed to hold lube for more comfortable wear. The T-bar shape created a flared base that is safe for both anal and vaginal play.

All our toys are hand poured in New Zealand using Body Safe Platinum Silicone. These are handmade items and each pour is unique.

 Size Medium
 Firmness Firm (Shore 10A)
Height 93mm (3.7 in)
Insertable length 75mm (3 in)
Max circumference ~135mm (5.3 in)
Max diameter 43mm (1.7 in)
Stem circumference 43mm (1.7 in)
Stem diameter ~21mm (0.8 in)