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Ecthir Silicone Grindable - Medium Firmness - Pink/Yellow/Blue Shimmer

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Ecthir is our viper-esque grindable dragon maw. Grindables are designed for external stimulation, and Ecthir has a textured tongue to help you get it!

Since it's our June drop this Ecthir is in pansexual pride flag colours!

Note that the pigmentation on this pour is more muted (less pigment in the silicone) than our usual pours. We have done our best to accurately represent this in the photos.

There is also a small fully encapsulated pigment speckle in the side of the tongue. We consider this to be safe and a only minor aesthetic defect.

Ecthir is 125mm (~5") long and designed to be comfortable to hold and use with one hand. This pour is medium firmness (Shore 00-50)

Note: Do NOT insert anally as Ecthir does not have a flared base. Use only with waterbased lubes. Silicone-based lubes may damage your toy.