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Ecthir Silicone Grindable - Soft Firmness - 078 - FLOP

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Ecthir is our viper-esque grindable dragon maw. Grindables are designed for external stimulation, and Ecthir has a textured tongue to help you get it!

Ecthir is 125mm (~5") long and designed to be comfortable to hold and use with one hand. This pour is Soft firmness (Shore 00-30)

Shimmery blue/gold/white, with blue glow (GITD).

Flop Reason: Tip of one tooth trimmed due to bubble (see photos). Aesthetic flop only, no safety concerns or additional cleaning attention necessary.

Note: Do NOT insert anally as Ecthir does not have a flared base. Use only with waterbased lubes. Silicone-based lubes may damage your toy.