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If your fantasies involve muscles and dragons Krothur may be the perfect friend for you! Krothur's muscles aren't just for show either, they'll stretch and stimulate you in all the right ways!

The distinct swell shape and large stable base make this a great toy for riding, and with three sizes to choose from we're pretty sure you'll be able to find one to suit your body's needs!

Recommended Firmness: Super Soft (Shore 00-20), Soft (Shore 00-30), or Medium (Shore 00-50)

  Small Medium Large
Height 125mm (5 in) 150mm (6in) 175mm (7 in)
Insertable length 105mm (4.25 in)

125mm (4.9 in)

148mm (5.8 in)
Max insertable circumference

163mm (6.4 in)

195mm (7.7 in)

228mm (9 in)

Max insertable diameter ~52mm (2 in) ~62mm (2.5 in) ~72mm (2.9 in)


All our toys are hand poured in New Zealand using Body Safe Platinum Silicone. These are handmade items and each pour is unique.

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