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Crafted to bring all your scaly fantasies to life, Raithor has both the looks and texture to get you were you want to go! The curved shaft is designed to stimulate the prostate or G-spot, and the large flared based makes it safe for both anal and vaginal use. Raithor also fits a strapon ring for use with a partner.

Recommended Firmness: Medium (Shore 00-50) or Soft (Shore 00-30)

  Small Medium Large
Height 165mm (6.5 in) 190mm (7.5in) 210mm (8.25 in)
Insertable length 140mm (5.5 in) 160mm (6.25 in) 180mm (7 in)
Midpoint circumference 95mm (3.75 in) 105mm (4.1 in) 130mm (5.1 in)
Midpoint diameter ~30mm (1.2 in) ~33mm (1.3 in) ~43mm (1.7 in)
Max insertable circumference 110mm (4.3 in) 125mm (5 in) 145mm (5.7 in)
Max insertable diameter ~35mm (1.4 in) ~40mm (1.6 in) ~46mm (1.8 in)


All our toys are hand poured in New Zealand using Body Safe Platinum Silicone. These are handmade items and each pour is unique.

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